Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Silence

Today after a long time I spoke to my dear friend Gulzar. Once, we were roommates in Pune and besides sharing a fistful of space we also shared and lived our passions together. He is a great thinker too. While talking about many things, he mentioned to me that the greatest thing a person can share with another person is the silence. This thought of his sparked many feelings in me and stirred many memories. For example, I remembered an instance narrated by Amrata Preetam (a Poet and a great story writer) in one of her books. She describes one evening with Sahir Ludhiyanvi when they just spent few silent moments together without speaking a word. Ever since I read it, this scene got itched in my mind for good, for one that it has profound poetic value in it.
Power of speech is one of the five senses that we humans are blessed with. To me, I think this sense of speech is also endowed with the sense of silence. When speech is not enough in communicating ourselves the silence speaks for us and communicates better than thousands of spoken words. Such is the power of silence that it can channel the warmth from one heart to another or the chilled coldness. As the saying goes "Mind your tongue" on the same token one should mind our silences too.

O Well,I am overwhelmed with many thoughts and might go on with my rantings, The important thing is that the following poem (Nazam) was due for long, it has been lingering in my mind since ages. Thanks much to you Gulzar for sharing your thought that finally the poem ripened and I could smell it. Enjoy everybody.....
BTW: Did I mention that this poem is from a bachelor to all the non-bachelors :)

आओ की ,
आज हम अपना शोर , खिड़की से बाहर फ़ेंक दे,
और बैठे कुछ देर साथ , घर की खामोशियाँ सुने,

अकेले में , तन्हाईयाँ बहुत सुनी है मगर,
तुम्हारे साथ तनहा, वही तन्हाईयाँ सुने,

कहीं खो गयी है , तेरी मेरी आहटें घर में,
वही आहटें ढूंढे अपनी, उनकी सरगोशियाँ सुने,

हर आदमी में रहता है , एक गूंगा सूनापन,
उसी तेरे मेरे सूनेपन की बोलियाँ सुने,

आओ की फ़ेंक दे उतार कर अपना अपना जिस्म,
रखें सामने अपनी रूह, रूह की खामोशियाँ सुने,


ACE said...

Amit, dont tell me that this is written by you.
If you really did, you are proving us right in calling you "Ghalib"


Gulzar said...

Amit, buhut khub, mashallah !
ek khayal se puri tasveer kheech dena sirf ek kabil shayar ka kaam ho sakta hai ! Khudahafiz.

Nitin said...

Amit Bhai,
U r wonderful. I spent almost an hr on ur blog. Re-read all the poems and couplets. Tears came into my eyes.

I realized that I have been running all the time, but here lies the real beauty which I lost somewhere in the race. I felt emptiness within me, kind of lost. Seems like I don't even know who am I.

Both of you guys Amit and Gulzar matter to me so much in life, and both of you are far apart. In fact we all three.

And about the "silence", certainly I feel the same and its true when me and you were together in Pune. Infact this happens with me and Gulzar too.

Chalo bhai, good to catch up with u again.