Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two and Few More Years Back

It was today, two years back that I stepped on this land of opportunities called America. So to pin this day, I am sharing following poem that I wrote in some october 2003. Though even remotely, It has nothing to do with my coming to America or anything else related to it. However for me this poem is special and of great importance and thus sharing the poem and its importance on this day.

When I wrote this poem, I had for weeks, not seen the sunrise/sunset nor had time to lift my head up and see the sky. I was deep buried in a project with an ambitious deadline (I really hate those people who just go out and commit any delivery dates to client....). Well anyways, one evening, I resolved to see at least the sunset. I went outside the company building and these were the words that smiled at me, put there warm hands on my heart, asked me how I am doing and took away the burden of my heart and soul. I found one scrap of a paper in my pocket and wrote these words.

All the above is again not important, the important thing is that, few weeks after , I learnt that Gulzar saab is visiting Pune to grace his presence on the opening show of his play "Kharashen". I had to see this play and I had to get an autograph of this great poet. So I made a fare copy of this poem and left a little space on that paper to be filled in by Gulzar saab... Yes I managed to get the autograph and that sheet of paper is still with million dollars.......

Enjoy the poetry.....
सुबह आती है दबे पाँव गुजर जाती है,
उजालों की सरसराहट भी सुनाई नही देती,
दिन भर दौड़ता हूँ दिन की तलाश में,
ख़बर नही होती, कब रात,
जिस्म की लावें बुझा देती है ....

कब से भेजा है खैरीयत को अपनी ख़बर लेने,
लगता है इक गुमराह को और भी गुमराह कर है

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