Saturday, May 23, 2009

नगमे - 1 (Title Song)

As promised, now few songs that I had once written for the album, which never saw the daylight...

Every song that I wrote I have to come up with the idea, since that guy only told me the name of the album, that he is looking for one Ghazal and few songs, along with the title song.

I based this title song upon a theme or expression which I found poetic and made a mental note of it to make use of it in some poem. Well, it came as an effect of the words spoken by my friend , whom we use to call as colonel uncle. He was a retired colonel (off course from Army) and he was one of our colleagues, studying the computer science course from UIUC's off site campus at New Delhi. One evening while he was speaking about his wife to me, he said some thing on the lines that- when a kind of report is established between the two individuals and that they both become kind of predictable to each other. At least he was very predictable being the creature of habits, he confessed.

Well, here is the title song, which I based on the above thought. The situation as explained above, found its place in the last stanza of the song... rest all is my तस्सवुर (imagination)।

हर सुबह तेरा चूमके माथा, तुझे जगाते है नगमे,
रात भर सोयी पलकों पे, ख्वाब सजाते है नगमे |

तुम आए हो घर की मेरे, खुशबू बदल गई,
हर इक शै में तेरे हाथों की नरमी धड़क गई,
बुझे चराग तनहा शामो के, फ़िर जलाते है नगमे|

हर सुबह तेरा चूमके माथा, तुझे जगाते है नगमे...

बादलों की लकीरों में ढूँढते है नक्श तेरा,
धुप में पाने लगे आँखों का उजाला तेरा,
रख मिटटी पे नाम तेरा साया बनाते है नगमे |

हर सुबह तेरा चूमके माथा, तुझे जगाते है नगमे...

दिल का बूझता पानी, फिर जिलाया होगा,
बूझा के सूरज को फिर हाँथ जलाया होगा,
ये तेरी शामो के किस्से, सौ बार सुनाते है नगमे |

हर सुबह तेरा चूमके माथा, तुझे जगाते है नगमे...

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