Saturday, May 23, 2009

When Words Follows From Words....

The nature of poem is hard to describe in handful of words. Its only to experience. How it takes away the burden of the heart, cannot be known. It seems it does nothing, but to point out, to us, the facts which we already know consciously or subconsciously and never might dare to put it in so many words or even to name it. I think, its this act of poem, to name those burdens of soul and heart, in so many words that there remains nothing but the naked self before the eyes, looking directly in the eyes. Its the process in which we see ourselves born once again from our wombs. It equips us with tools necessary to accept ourselves and to live in peace with ourselves.

Sometimes, something of you is left remain in them and sometimes, something of them is left remain in you. You breath in them, they breath in you.

Well, so much to say that there is a couplet of Faiz Ahmad Faiz, which had remained in me, for better I suppose. It has always given me strength and moral support in times when I am stripped of with all hopes. The couplet goes like this

दिल ना उम्मीद तो नही, नाकाम ही तो है,
लम्बी है ग़म की शाम मगर, शाम ही तो है ||
( Though my heart is a failure, its still hopeful. No matter how impassable a dusk seems, still it fades away)

Javed Akhtar, is a true son of a poet (his father Janisaar Akhtar is one of the pillars of Urdu literature) and one of the few lyricists in Bollywood who is still penning the meaningful songs, the one other remaining is Gulzar. I think Javed Akhtar, was inspired by this couplet to write one of the songs (I should rather call it a poem/Nazam) for the movie "1942 A Love Story". I hope one remembers that memorable song
ये सफर बहुत है कठिन मगर, ना उदास हो मेरे हमसफ़र......

This song underlines that couplet in the start.

These two things in turn inspired me to write the following Nazam (poem). Very interestingly one guy showed such a interest in this poem that he wanted to record it for one of the albums and he had chosen me to write the songs. Ha ha, off course the album was never got recorded and was never meant to be recorded. I was deceived, in thinking that I am getting a break in Bollywood in amchi Mumbai as a lyricist.......Nevertheless, I didn't mind at all that I was deceived why? because it gave me opportunity to write so many Nazams and that's what it matters to me. Any situation bad or good, if gives me a poem that is all I wish out of it.

I have planned to put all those Nazams on my blogs as many as I remember still. The album was suppose to be named as नगमे , and I even penned a title song for it. For now enjoy this poetry inspired by the couplet written by Faiz saab.

बर आयेगी हर उम्मीद,
दिल लहू से गर्माते रहो,
तवाफ़ पे है, मह्रोमाह,
रोज़ से शब् , शब् से रोज़ छुडाते रहो |

अपने कनार में रहो सबाँ आई है,
सोजे बादा ऐ सहर लिए हुए,
नूर गर्माओ जिस्मो की महक से,
चल रहे है दागे शबनम लिए हुए |

दर्द का जो आहंग है, रहने दो,
कैफ का जो उरूज़ है, रहने दो,
ना ठहरा दूरी ऐ जमीनों आसमां,
रवां है हम रवां रहने दो |

हम भी देखेंगे वो आतिशे शर्रर ऐ पैहम,
वो दीदार की साहिर साअत जब ,
तमिज़े माजी ओ पर्दा रहती है, ना हदे इमरोज़,
रह जाती है तो फकत अपनी बात जब


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Kindly translate it in hindi (primary) and english(secondary)