Monday, May 25, 2009

नगमे - 3

Since ages, the act of an innocent heart has been called as "blind love". The innocence of the heart can be compared to a child, who wants to believe in everything and everybody without judging them. The manners of a child is the only true religion that comes close to whatever the God stands for. That divine smile of a child is the ointment to the blemishes of the soul. The sight of a child is a feast to the beauty. They are the simplicity in entirety; they simply trust you, put there faith in you, worship you, believe in you, most important accept you as you are. You are the only form of truth they come to know. To them the world is a paradise as lovable as you are to them, can there be anything more honest than this?
Only the child knows how to love and so the innocence of the heart. Only a child's love is the love as it should be and so is the love of an innocent heart.

One can only love as long as there is left some innocence in heart. Once this virginity of the heart is taken away by the influences of the world and by influenced humans, that love is lost for ever.

I hope, in the following song you may find that innocence and love of the heart. When I essayed it, that typical bollywood situation was in my mind - the introduction of a hero by a song :).

धूप में धूप की परछाईयाँ ढूढने निकला हूँ,
साये साये प्यार की परछाईयाँ ढूढने निकला हूँ।

कोई रख के होठों पे इक नाम सुनता होगा,
आँखों की लकीरों में इक चेहरा बुनता होगा,
उसी आँखों के लम्स की झाईयां ढूढने निकला हूँ।

सोच ने जब चूम लिया इक सोच का माथा,
सूनेपन को सूना सा इक सूनापन मिला,
इसी सूनेपन की तन्हाईयाँ ढूढने निकला हूँ।

कभी शाम ढले तेरे माथे का सूरज,
किनारे आँखों के गूंगे पानी में उतरे,
उन्ही लम्हों की खामोशियाँ ढूढने निकला हूँ।


Anonymous said...

dhoop mein dhoop ki parchaiyan dhoondhne nikla hoon ....this line is amazing....

Anonymous said...

amazing what is written about child's love and wordly influence on it.