Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To My Dear Friend Shashank

Taking a "blog break" from my poems to commemorate a few minutes talk with my dear friend Shashank, this evening. He is more a brother than a friend. Calling him as part of family would not be an exaggeration.

Well as I left my office building, I called him up and was ranting and raving my disappointment on some personal matter. I was a little perturbed and rattled. He was all ears to me. As always listening to me with great patience and finally threw one of my own couplet back at me and cut me down to size. I was dumbfounded for a moment.

The couplet goes like this

शब् के बाद सहर मुअयियन है मगर,
किस शर्त पे निकलेगा आफताब देखना है।

Well, It was a moment of realization for me in many ways. As always, he preached me, showed me the other side of the coin, which I was refusing to look at it. He tattered my impatience. He gave me back my lost cool. As always he was supportive and stood by my side.

The above couplet came to me in a state of despondence (When I was struggling to find a Job in Pune and could not find one), today again it was given me back by Shashank, when I needed it most.

Shashank, here are few words I could muster up for you, for holding the fort of wisdom for me when I had forsaken it.

एक शेर था मेरा, मैंने कहा था,
इक रोज़ तुम को सुनाया भी था,
उसी रोज़ शायद,
तुम्हारे पास छुट गया था,
जाने कब हाथ छोड़ मेरा,
तुम्हारे साथ हो लिया था।

आज जब तुमने मुझको यतीम पाया,
उसी शेर की उंगली पकड़ा दी मुझको,
फिर से खाली दामां भर दिया मेरा,
हम दो यतीमों को घर पंहुचा दिया।

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