Monday, May 11, 2009

Aarz Kiya Hai....

I have been thinking to pen religiously something for my blog. However I am aware of my limitations in prose. I feel at home in expressing myself through poetry especially urdu poetry.. in forms of Gazals/Sher/Nazam.

Well, today while cooking dinner (some two hours ago), the chain of my thoughts revealed a Sher to me, which I had said (wrote) long back [ in urdu poetry you don't write a Gazal/Sher/Nazam you always say for example you will hear people saying "maine ek sher kaha ...."

I remember I was in Pune (India) and I took the public bus to home from work. As I had to pass my time and also I was itching to say something....before I reached home, I came up with following couplet actually a "Makta"....

es ko bhala kahon  "Amit", ya usko bura kahon,
ye jo bijali giri ghar pe, ya wo jo ghar khaak hua ||

(Well let me try to translate it in English.....give me a hand please ........will you ?

What shall I consider of these two act "Amit",
is it good, the striking of lightning on my house, or is it bad, that my house turned charred  
)  -- oh well I tried at least......:)

CHOICES - Sometimes, its hard to distinguish between good and bad effect of a choice and sometimes, its hard to distinguish between good choice and bad choice. The couplet is my humble attempt to capture that very nature of choices that we face daily in our life. 


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Palaboy-Laboy said...

Or is it also good that your house turned charred? I dreamed about this last night. :-)

A charred house can't be that bad. I can see it as an opportunity to build a new one. Of new design, color, bigger rooms and luxurious kitchen and bath.

It is a chance to fix all the previous leaks on the roof and on the bathroom. A chance to change the parts that you have been wanting to repair but have no time at all fixing it.

It is also a chance to forget about the ghosts of charred house and to build a new one. Stronger, bigger and better.

Shall I add, Is it good that I befriended a Buddhist and is it bad that she is now praising and enthusiastically serving God?